Read on for an informal overview of my skills and professional experience. By all means get in touch for further info / specific enquiries. Always on the lookout for new projects and collaboration opportunities. Regards, David.


I have a Journeymans Certificate  in electronics from Canberra TAFE  and a BA communication design from QUT. I was once a Certified Apple Support Technician, too, for what it’s worth.


For the past few years I’ve spent my working week lecturing at a design college in Sydney. I teach topics related to programming, technology, interactive installations, UX and project management. I  co-ordinate a variety of projects. Currently I’m working on developing our new undergraduate degree in Interaction Design.


I’ve been fortunate enough to have my father, a greatly talented builder and carpenter, as a mentor from an early age. As a result i’m at home in the world of  carpentry, construction and building sites.


Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away, called Queensland, I spent my days bringing naughty Mac computers back to life. I’ve upgraded, debugged, recovered, rebuilt, migrated, configured, installed, and defragged the little scamps from all points of the compass across the great cities of BrisVegas and Canberra.

Web Developer

I spent a good few years of my life at agencies  making websites in the usual suspects HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and Flash. These days, I’m a fan of the Ember framework.


I love to code games, data visualisations and interactive environments, so I have spent a lot of time wrapping my head around ActionScript, Processing and Javascript. I’m not what you’d call an expert, but I know a good MVC when I see one and I can tell you the difference between a method and a closure, should you care to know. Anyone?…. no?……

Exhibition & Event Creative Technologist

Under the guidance of the wonderful Lulu Ruttley, I have taken a string of exhibitions and design shows from concept to the opening night.  This has allowed me to  work on a wide range of digital installations involving connected devices, sensors, projectors, motion trackers and VR cameras. I’ve given myself enough electric shocks to develop a mild phobia. I’ve put computers in picture frames and hung them from walls, stacked them  in milk crate towers, strapped them under tables  and screwed them to ceiling joists (Where they belong).  I have accrued enough emotional scar tissue to now glide through the final stages of a production bump-in with a certain nonchalance, gently coaxing the technology and people involved through the traumatic experience of being expected to function reliably in the wild .