A Step by step guide to connecting to Mediatemple with Cyberduck

Setting Up

A Step by step guide to configuring Cyberduck to connect to your MT host account.


Get Cyberduck

Download from https://cyberduck.io

Configure Cyberduck Preferences

Go to file / Preferences and configure the settings in the following tabs :

Browser : Select Double click opens file in external editor.

Editor : Click to open a file browser.  Navigate to your applications folder to select  Brackets or your preferred Code editor application

Create a new FTP Bookmark

Cyberduck saves your FTP connection information as “bookmarks”. Create a new bookmark to connect to your web server. You will need your FTP Username and Password for this step.

Go to the Bookmark Menu and select New Bookmark

cyberduck new bookmark

Enter your user details into the bookmark

Server       s153468.gridserver.com

User          firstnamelastname@billybluedigital.net

Path :        /html

WebURL http://firstnamelastname.billybluedigital.net

cyberduck bookmark


Close the bookmark. You will be returned to the bookmarks view.


Connect to your FTP server

Double click the bookmark to attempt to open the FTP connection.


The first time you do this, you will be prompted to enter a password. Enter your password and Make sure the Add to Keychain box is ticked to save your password for future connections.  Click the login button.

cyberduck atc


If login is successful, cyberduck will switch to the file browser view and you will see the files in your remote directory. Well done!!

cyberduck browser

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